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Lose 1 stone by Sunday 29th January 2017


Do You Want A Slim, Healthy Body, 

 Free From Health Problems & Full Of Energy?
In just 8 weeks - we will show you how!
You Can Slim is an affordable, long-term healthy weight loss & health programme that uniquely combines expert nutritional advice, with professional weekly personal support, for remarkable sustainable results.
This easy-to-follow programme is carefully constructed to provide; optimum nutrition; increased motivation; and weekly support to ensure you achieve all your health goals as easily as possible.
This programme is much more than just another healthy eating or slimming programme.  It is in fact a plan for long-term optimum health and is designed to:
Balance Your Weight
Increase Your Energy
Increase Your Metabolism
Improve Your Digestion
Balance Your Blood Sugar
Improve Your Immune System
Balance Your Hormones
Treat Specific Health Conditions
& much more
We are dedicated to providing professional help for busy people, mums, dads and senior citizens to achieve a slim, healthy body at an affordable price.
If you would like long-term weight loss & good health - 
we would love to help! 
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Meet the Author:
Victoria Baker, BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy, B.A.N.T.

Victoria Baker 

Victoria Baker trained as a Nutritional Therapist at the University of Westminster and specialises in weight loss, digestive problems and improving general well-being.


After graduating in 2003 Victoria went on to establish a general Nutritional Therapy clinic in Eastbourne, treating a wide range of conditions from PMT to depression.  With over ten years experience Victoria now specialises in weight loss and improving general health and has established this very successful programme to help her clients achieve all their health related goals at an affordable price.


Victoria is also a NLP practitioner and uses these techniques in her programme to significantly enhance the success of her clients.


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